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The 6 Best Online Web Services for Productivity, Efficiency and Security That You Have Never Heard About

Here’s my listing of my personal favorite, must-have online web services that you might not have learned about before. For those who have heard about and/or use them, then you’re well in front of all of those other pack.

These applications/services will enhance your productivity, efficiency and security. Granted, these aren’t all online for free services, but they’re all excellent value.

1. Livescribe Smartpens

We’ll start their email list and among my absolute favorites that’s always a discussion-starter whenever and wherever I am utilizing it, which gadget may be the Livescribe smartpen. It enables you to take notes while concurrently recording the audio present at that time, and syncing in the notes using the audio. After that you can simply tap a place within the notebook to replay the audio at that time over time.

Livescribe also maintains space within the cloud that you should store as well as share the important points (or pencasts). You will find presently 2 Livescribe models: the heart beat and also the newer Echo.

2. Toodledo GTD To-Do List Management

For greater productivity, you have to first use a better approach to creating, maintaining and tracking your “To Complete” list and that i can’t recommend enough David Allen’s Getting Things Done book and methodology. While Mr. Allen is perfectly in your own home using simple pieces of paper and physical folders, there are several really effective software and Web-based tools to help you in putting GTD into action.

My current tool of preference may be the fantastic and effective Toodledo that was constructed with GTD in your mind. It enables you to break lower your tasks into custom lists, contexts and far, a lot more. Additionally, it ties along with numerous other services to provide you with additional methods to access your list and extend its abilities.

3. POBox Mail and URL Forwarding and Junk e-mail Protection

How frequently are you delivering the dreaded “Hey, I simply switched ISPs. Here’s my new current email address”? Too frequently to count? Whether it’s greater than every three years, I believe it’s an excessive amount of and you are wasting lots of your existence on managing that process.

The answer is to buy a free account with mail forwarder, and hands out that address rather. You never need to change you and it improve your actual e-mail account as numerous occasions as you would like.

4. Evernote Uber-Note-Taking

Capture all your ideas, inspiration, notes plus much more into one place centrally kept in the clouds, and access on any and lots of devices or platforms: completely out of your computer desktop for your smartphone. Evernote makes it simple to capture scanned pages, handwritten notes, photos and much more as well as performs character recognition on text in images.

5. Backblaze Limitless, Automatic Computer Backups towards the Cloud

If you are not copying the information on your pc, you are requesting trouble. But even if you’re, is the fact that backup sitting right alongside your pc? That isn’t great either, because god forbid if something happened to your house, you can lose both teams of data.

Rather, in other words additionally for your onsite backup, support your computer data to the net. Backblaze achieves this for that very economical amount of $5 monthly. And even though you don’t choose Backblaze, there are lots of other excellent online services for doing this.

6. 1Password Web Password Keyring Software

I’ll finish their list having a security product which will simplify your existence, help you save some time and frustration, thus making you safer along the way. 1Password safely stores all your Web passwords (yet others if you want) within an encrypted vault on your pc and can instantly log you along with the saved credentials with 1 click. It’ll even let you know how strong your passwords are. Although 1Password began off like a Mac-formulation of it’s type, it presently has versions for Home windows, iPhone, iPad, Android along with other platforms.

Even though you differ that 6 of those products help make your must-have list, I’d still reason that secure password management, offsite backups along with a one-pause and-do list manager should take part in your tech toolbox, and even though you don’t opt for my recommendations, I highly recommend to consider and begin using a minimum of individuals 3 groups of tools today.

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